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Calm & Collected Canine is an Ottawa based dog training company proudly servicing Ottawa and surrounding areas.

What we do

Calm & Collected Canine is proud to offer a wide variety of services ranging from private at-home lessons, walk and trains, board and trains, and structured boarding. Whatever your goals may be, there’s a program that is perfect for you and for your dog.


Calm & Collected Canine takes a relationship-based approach to training and we cater each program to the individual dog and owner. We focus on relationship building and trust exercises, as this is a key factor in improving all issues that we see today. Once you create a team that is totally in sync with each other, it is so much easier to work on the specific goals at hand. Creating a dog that is motivated and wants to work with you is so critical in all aspects of training.


We teach our Clients how to understand dog psychology, so that the Client understands how dogs think and why dogs do what they do. “There is a reason for everything” and the same can be said about dog behaviour. There is ALWAYS a reason why dogs do and don’t do certain things. We teach our Clients how to troubleshoot problematic behaviour and how to pattern better choices instead. This knowledge lasts a lifetime and ensures that the Client has the information to be able to think critically and solve any future problems that may arise.


Once you sign up for a program with us, you are always part of the Calm & Collected family and we offer continued support to our Clients and past Clients. Click the button below to be taken to our services page where you can see all the services we offer in detail.

Our Happiest Pups

From Our Dog Moms & Dog Dads

We here at Calm & Collected Canine are incredibly proud of the relationships we’ve built with our clients and their dogs. Take a look at what others have to say below!

“I only have positive things to say about Sarah and her training skills and adaptability skills when it comes to dog’s behaviours and how to work with them and correct them. She customizes every session to the dog’s needs and interests and always makes sure everyone (dog included) is on the same page. Teddy and I really enjoyed our sessions with Sarah, and she was very attentive, and helped me solve Teddy’s fears and other little issues I had with him! I would recommend her to anyone, and I am excited to work with her again in the future!”

- Sarah M.

“Choosing Sarah as a trainer for my 9 month old malamute puppy was the best decision I have made for myself, my dog and our relationship. This was my first dog, and despite doing my research, I found myself overwhelmed with the amount of work I soon learned this dog would need. Her breed is stubborn, but it didn’t help that she was a rescue and so I don’t know what the first 9 months of her life entailed. We did private lessons with Sarah who was so patient with both of us. The biggest thing Sarah taught me was how to effectively communicate with my dog what I expected of her. Within a few short weeks, she was no longer pulling on leash towards other dogs, she was no longer food guarding with humans (and doing significantly better around other animals) and most importantly has learned confidence – which has allowed her to be significantly less anxious when I’m not around. Overall, I have the best relationship with my dog, now that we have a solid base I know there’s nothing we couldn’t accomplish together, and I couldn’t thank Sarah enough for that.”

- Marissa L.

“After numerous attempts at trying to find help for my dog reactive girl, Athena, and being told countless times that there’s no hope.. I found Sarah. Sarah helped me understand why my dog behaves the way she does and how I should be reacting to it. Sarah began training me, because it isn’t always the dog who needs training..most times it is the owners too. Sarah was able to introduce me to different tools to see which Athena responded to the best, tools I wouldn’t have used otherwise. She gave me the confidence to advocate for my dog and know how to respond to different scenarios appropriately. I am forever thankful for the training, support, and knowledge passed onto me from Sarah, because of her Athena and I have continued on with more intensive training and will continue to do so to keep her mind in a healthy and happy state! Thank you Sarah, for helping me and Athena start the journey into a happy and healthy life!”

- Morgan M.

Our experience with Sarah has been genuinely life changing. We decided to sign up to six weeks of training with Sarah a few months after we had finished basic obedience training with our husky. While our dog has a beautiful temperament, she is super willful and we were struggling to get her to come, walk nicely on lead and to obey commands (after she had decided she was no longer interested and ESPECIALLY if other dogs were around – forget it). Through the training program, Sarah took the time to understand our dog and to teach us the tools we needed to create solid boundaries and strong communication. Our dog now sits calmly on place while we cook and eat, knows that downtime means relaxing, listens and obeys commands (even when she would prefer to be investigating another dog/smell/noise/treat) and walks by our side on leash. 

 Our dog boarded with Sarah when we went on holiday for two weeks. We both felt so comfortable leaving her in Sarah’s hands, as our dog is totally bonded to her and loves to spend time and learn with her. Sarah sent us daily updates and went above and beyond to train our dog with the e-collar, taking the time to adapt her approach to best suit our dog and taking her on long walks and even for activities to find out how to best reward her for all her learning. The result has been completely life changing, our dog comes when called – even when there are other dogs around and she would much prefer to keep playing. It means we can trust her off leash, completely changing our weekends and relationship with her for the better. We can’t recommend Sarah highly enough, and our dog certainly couldn’t love her more.”

- Clare

We sought help from Sarah about a week after we adopted our dog Bronson. Bronson was a stray in Manitoba. He was very reactive to dogs while on leash, he would pull for the entire walk and would bark and lunge at every squirrel or rabbit we saw. We were quickly overwhelmed with his behaviours. Sarah provided us with tools and guidance. She was patient and understanding, and always went above and beyond. Today, a year after we’ve adopted Bronson, we are able to walk past dogs without him reacting, he heels when walking and has also made a lot of progress with squirrels. Sarah gave us the tools to become confident dog owners.”

- Michelle M.

“Knowing our guy Gus and his challenges, we were quite nervous about having him spend time away from us at his board and train. But from day one, our concerns were wiped away. Sarah made the transition as easy as possible for us. While all that was very important, it paled in comparison to the work she did with Gus. Sarah put in so much time and energy learning how best to communicate with him, and trust me that is saying a lot (basenji attitude). Sharing that knowledge with us has been invaluable. Upon returning home, Sarah set us up with a solid plan and helped us tremendously with establishing new boundaries. Gus is a much more fulfilled and respectful dog because of Sarah. Thank you, Sarah!”

- Grace & Sarah

Certified Dog Aggression Specialist

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