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Calm & Collected Canine is happy to offer a wide variety of services to our clients. Most dog temperament issues are more common than you’d think. Some of the common, improvable issues are listed below.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pulls on Leash








Resource Guards


Bite History


Human Reactivity/Aggression


Dog Reactivity/Aggression


Prey Drive




Hyper Active/Easily Excitable


Does NOT Come When Called


Is NOT Kennel Trained

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Are you wondering what program may be the best fit for you? Are you looking to get a professional opinion on why your dog(s) is displaying certain behaviours? Calm & Collected Canine offers in detail evaluations so that you can get to know your trainer, the program option best for you, the answers to why your dog is likely displaying a behaviour, and even some quick tips and tricks to get you started! Please note that evaluations are required for all behaviour cases prior to beginning a program. Puppies and basic obedience clients may be able to skip the evaluation process if desired.

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Private Lessons

starting at $110-$150/lesson
(minimum 4 lessons required).

Private lessons are a great way to target specific training goals. Calm & Collected Canine’s private lesson program is tailored to your dog and your lifestyle, so that you can finally have the dog of your dreams. Unlike group classes, private lessons enable you to start in a low distraction environment and work up to busier environments. This program is a great way for you to gain valuable knowledge that can be used for life.

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Walk & Train

starting at $1000/package
(10 private walks and 2 private lessons).

Do you need dog walking during the day and would also like your dog to learn proper leash manners with an experienced trainer? Calm & Collected Canine’s walk and train program is the right fit for you! The walk and train program includes 10 days of 1 hour walks, with the possibility of an extension depending on the issues at hand and the individual dog’s learning curve. This program also includes 2 private lessons after the walk and train program to ensure that the handler(s) know how to keep up the training.

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Board & Train

Starting at $850/week
(minimum 2 weeks is required).

The board and train program is a great way to kickstart your training goals. In the board and train program your dog lives in the trainer’s home for a length of time (normally between 3-6 weeks) and learns how to be a citizen dog. Owners receive frequent updates on their dog’s training progress from the trainer, including photos and videos. The board and train program also includes detailed written instructions and multiple private lessons to ensure the owners know how to continue the training. Continued support is offered with any program, meaning you can call, email, or text the trainer for help troubleshooting and to answer any questions

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Structured Boarding

(some restrictions apply).

Are you going on vacation, or do you just need a break and require a structured environment that will keep up your training? Calm & Collected Canine is happy to provide a safe, insured place that your dog can stay. Boarding always includes frequent updates including photos and videos, multiple structured walks, off leash time (in a gated area), as well as mental stimulation so that you can be sure that your dog is fully fulfilled and happy. Boarding is ONLY for clients that have previously completed a program with Calm & Collected Canine.

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